About company

We work:

  • under full confidentiality and professional care
  • with total loyalty towards our clients
  • generating minimum costs to our clients
  • focusing on positive outcome
  • utilizing the most modern information technologies
  • optimizing our processes effectively

Administration of property contracts:

  • Our job is based on detailed client’s authorization
  • Administration of your debts or contracts are ensured to be within legal boundaries (based on mandate)
  • We cover collection and legal services throughout the country (Slovakia)
  • Our revenue depends on the results; we only earn commission on collected debt
  • Clients do not pay any fees or deposits

Purchase of receivables:

  • We purchase your receivables
  • We take care of the debt transactions for accounting purposes which is followed by money collection by our clients
  • Our relevant legal services are free of charge
  • We provide relevant accounting and tax consulting free of charge
  • We also provide debt assessment